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maria munar

Welcome to my garden.

Remember that shriveled up succulent on your desk? Or those grocery store flowers that promptly died on your dining table? My garden is a fantastical exploration of the mundane details and beauty that is forgotten when our house plants turn brown.


Drawing on a history of still-life, abstraction, and collage, I think of my works as preserved bouquets. Nature that has been photographed, digitized, broken down, cut up, and buried under Photoshop layers. These fragments turn into seeds, and something special emerges when those seeds are planted in my Epson printer. Vibrant layers intertwined in a collage of fragments emerge. I paint with photographs, and sculpt with paper to create a still-life of a garden that will never die. 



Maria Munar is a Canadian/Colombian visual artist based out of Calgary, Alberta. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts with a major in Media Arts from the Alberta University of the Arts 2017. She has exhibited at Banff Center for Arts and Creativity, Gibson Fine Arts, Arts Commons, and Marion Nicoll Gallery in Alberta. She has been the recipient of a Visual Arts and New Media Individual Project grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and has attended residencies Arts Commons and AU arts. She is currently working as a Senior Studio Artist at Critical Mass.


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Instagram: mariasartgarden

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