Maria Munar is a Colombian/Canadian artist based out of Calgary, Alberta. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts with a major in Media Arts from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2017.


She is a multidisciplinary content creator working with sculpture, photography, painting, and video. She is currently working as a freelance Video Editor and Visual Artist. 





Artistic Statement

As an image maker, I seek to translate my conditions of growth as a human, as an immigrant, as a woman, and as an artist. What attracts me to the medium of photography is the fluidity of the perception of images. I become the translator of a new language that exists in the materialization of a digital image. I’m excited by moments of superimposed connections, resulting from a delicate configuration of contrasting materials, intricate layers and decadent colors. By bringing photography into a three-dimensional space it creates moments of impossibility where the eye is continuously tricked and challenged through mutations and complexities. Perfection and imperfection collide in constructed landscapes that have the ability to hide, omit, reveal and transform. Leading to question the way images are understood and interpreted and to question perceptions of identity.



2013-2017 Alberta College of Art + Design, Bachelors of Fine Arts, Major in Media Arts

Scholarships / Awards

2018 Visual Arts and New Media Individual Project grant, Alberta Foundation for the Arts


2017 Award Winner for Blackout Photography Exhibition

2016 Stanford Perrott Innovative Project Scholarship

2016 Homesteader’s Legacy Scholarship

2016 AIMIA - AGO Photography Prize National Finalist

2016 Continuing Arts Association Travel Scholarship

2014 Canon true originals award, Canon Canada

Select Exhibitions

2020 Arts Commons Window Gallery, Calgary Alberta, Solo

2019 Gibson Fine Art, Calgary, Alberta

2018 Re-Thinking the Image, Exposure Festival, Theatre Junction Grand, Calgary, Alberta, Group

2017 With Pulp Exhibition, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Banff, Alberta, Group

2017 Blackout Photography Exhibition, Calgary, Alberta, Group

2017 Public Art Mural, containR, Springboard Performance, Calgary, Alberta, Group

2016 Spectral Illuminations, Exhibition, Emmedia, Beakerhead, Calgary, Alberta, Group

2016 Jaada Exhibition, Viljandi, Estonia, Group

2016 Sound Days Festival, Liepaja, Latvia, Group

2016 Horse Show, Performance, Alberta College of Art+ Design, Solo

2016 Marion Nicoll Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Solo

2015 Noise Show, CJSW Radio Station, Calgary, Alberta, Group

2015 Cross Over, Media Arts Department Exhibition, Alberta College of Art + Design

2015 Loft 112, 12:24 Endurance Project Documentary Screening, Calgary, Alberta, Group

2014 Canon True Originals Gallery, Canon Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Group

Professional Service

2019  Gibson Fine Art, Artist Dialogues, Producer & Video Editor, Calgary, Alberta 

2019 Studio Artist, Critical Mass, Calgary, Alberta

2019  Telus Storyhive, YAHWAVE Video Editor, Calgary, Alberta​

2019 ClassRoom Champions, Video Editor, Calgary, Alberta

2018 ArtSense, Showroom Manager & Digital Print Lead, Calgary, Alberta

2017 Video Editing Practicum, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Banff, Alberta

2017 Web Design, Analog Creativity, Calgary, Alberta

2016 Production Assistant, Springboard Performance, Calgary, Alberta

2016 Director, Videographer and Editor, Munar Productions, Calgary, Alberta

2015 Training Lead, Springboard Performance, Fluid Festival, Calgary, Alberta

2015 Head Shots Videographer, Loft 112, Calgary, Alberta



2019 Arts Commons Emerging Visual Artist Residency, Calgary, Alberta

2018 Thematic Summer Residency, Alberta Collge of Art + Design

2016 Koidu House, Jaada exhibition, Viljandi, Estonia


Morales, Yarlie. “Young Arising Artist.” Evolving City Magazine April, 2013: 4, Print.

Volunteer Service


2017 Emmedia, Particle + Wave, Box Office, Calgary, Alberta

2016 Plethora Artist Guild, Videographer, Calgary, Alberta

2015 Marion Nicoll Gallery Juror, Alberta College of Art+ Design

Curriculum Vitae