Female Body Collage


Inkjet Print, Plastic, Airline Cable 



Exhibited at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery for the 2017 grad show

Exhibited at Theatre Junction Grand for Exposure Photography Festival 2018 Curated by Kurtis Lesik 

Re-composed Viewpoints presents the body as a fragmented dynamic collage of assemblages. Disrupting the familiar and displaying a violent accumulation of select facial features. Showcasing how images are constructed representations that have the ability to hide, reveal, omit and transform. The body is a vexed object that influences discourses of identity, power dynamics, language, politics, and visual culture; it is something to be studied and analyzed. It is important for me to acknowledge that there is a lack of accuracy between what the body is, and how the body is represented in a photograph. The piece reflects the viewer's own image and as the piece spins the image is distorted, certain areas are revealed and others concealed and augmented. This work is exploring the fluidity of the perception of images, perception of self, and how that informs and shapes identity.