As an image maker, I seek to translate my conditions of growth as a human, as an immigrant, as a woman, and as an artist. What attracts me to the medium of photography is the fluidity of the perception of images. I become the translator of a new language that exists in the materialization of a digital image. I’m excited by moments of superimposed connections, resulting from a delicate configuration of contrasting materials, intricate layers and decadent colors. By bringing photography into a three-dimensional space it creates moments of impossibility where the eye is continuously tricked and challenged through mutations and complexities. Perfection and imperfection collide in constructed landscapes that have the ability to hide, omit, reveal and transform. 


Unpredictable Conditions of Growth

  • Photos are printed on 290 gsm Canon Adhesive Matte Vinyl with a permanent, solvent-based adhesive with Epson UltraChrome K3 Archival Inks.

    Mounted on specially primed pine ply-wood sheeting and attached with various lengths of aluminum tubing. The piece is mounted with an 18" french cleat.


    Maria is currently available to take on commisions to create new custom designed work to fit your particular space.


    Contact her in the shop section of this website or at



  • Maria Munar is currently represented by Gibson Fine Art and any purchase inquiries can be made to: